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So, in case you couldn’t tell, I have all of these lovely little starter Pokemon who need good homes! :) I decided that since I got all of them last night that I would breed them all today and give them away to people who need them since we don’t have Pokemon Bank yet!

Each starter Pokemon has a full move set, pokerus, and they’re all holding a random item as a little gift! The items are totally random and range everywhere from big nuggets to evolution stones, pokeballs, repels, berries and more. They’re also all level 1, so they haven’t been trained at all yet. So, your little guy will look something like this:

I’m mainly doing this because I need more friendcodes for friend safari (I’m hoping to find one with a Ditto in it at some point :) ), but also because I know a lot of people need these Pokemon and the offers on the GTS are absurd.


  • Only one pokemon per person. If you really need another one of the starters then let me know in a couple of days and I’ll gladly breed one for you or give you one of my leftovers from this.
  • You do not have to be following me! :)
  • Please message me with your friendcode and details. I’d prefer to have a private conversation rather than a public one. They’re easier to keep track of and I can’t guarantee that I’ll see your reblog or reply on my dash.
  • Let me know in advanced if you want a specific gender or nickname. Though, genders are limited. I only have a few females over all.
  • Once the pokemon is gone, it’s gone. However, I am willing to breed one for you even still, but it’s going to take more time, so give me a day or two.
  • You don’t have to trade me anything specific. Any random Pokemon will do. Though I do love Zigzagoon and Goomy *shot*
  • My friend code is: 2036-7477-8202 

I think that’s all. Whatever starters are left over in the next few days I’m going to just put into wonder trade for people to have there! :) So, let me know if you want any of these!

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    UPDATE: When you message me, tell me your friendcode, what pokemon you’d like, what times your available to trade at,...
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